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Preeti, Paulo, and Alice

Hindi for Beginners


These three friends are here to share the fun and frustration of language learning classes with your Hindi student!

Explain new concepts

As Alice and Paulo run into problems, Preeti’s helpful explanations are a good way to get your student into Hindi grammar… while they think they’re reading a comic!

Share struggles

Sometimes Alice and Paulo are just as confused about Hindi as your student will feel! Reading their stories helps students talk about what is frustrating them in the language learning process.

Celebrate together

Pretti, Alice, and Paulo are ready to celebrate with your student as they make progress through Hindi together!


A safe, and efficient way to learn through language learning classes

Hindi language learning classes for kids provide a safe, and efficient way to master a new language. Early exposure to new languages enhances cognitive abilities and builds confidence in children – using our convenient online platform doesn’t require them to visit a learning center, they can just log in and learn!

Learn a language. Open your world.

The process of learning a new language has never been easier. Using the language learning techniques that have been developed over decades, we deliver a classroom experience in your living room.

Learn to Speak Hindi with an Easy-going process

With Hindi Gateway’s language learning classes, your child can develop his or her intellectual skills, gain a global perspective, and enhance their chances of success in the future.

Studies have shown that the most effective time to learn a language is during childhood. Since children have fewer inhibitions than adults, they can easily absorb the nuances of a new language.

Career Opportunities

Multilingualism can enhance cognitive abilities, broaden global perspectives, and enhance career opportunities. A new language sets a child up for present connection with a new community and future success.

Research has shown that learning a second language boosts cognitive development. Apart from improving standardized test scores and critical thinking skills, children can also improve their problem-solving ability and mental flexibility as a result of learning a new language: speaking it, reading it, and writing it.

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