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  • Hindi learning courses
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  • Hindi learning courses for kids

Why Choose Us?

Develop Skills

Our Hindi learning courses effectively and efficiently upgrade reading, listening, and speaking skills. Students grow in all aspects of Hindi while developing learning skills that will make them independent learners in the real world!

Sound Learning

Our course and resources are designed on second-language acquisition principles tested across time and multiple languages! Material is carefully sequenced to follow the natural learning principles your brain is designed to use!

Subtle learning

Since each lesson focuses on children having fun with the language – Hindi Gateway courses for kids work for even the most reluctant or unconfident language learners. Your student will be having so much fun during learning Hindi.

Course Videos

Proud to Partner

Hindi Gateway partners with Harbour International School to develop and test Hindi learning resources for grades 1-8. This collaboration ensures everything we offer has been tested in real-life classrooms!

Harbour International School was established in 2020 to transform and impact lives, through accessible yet quality and purposeful international education, in the community of Dehradun, India. HIS uses best educational practices and strategies to provide meaningful experiences to inspire students towards a love for lifelong learning. HIS also diminishes the lines of nationalities by being a place of belonging for people from across the world to exchange a global culture of diversity within a warm and loving environment. 

An Easy Guide to Learning

We know that as a parent, it can be difficult to pull together Hindi learning resources for your kids. What makes sense for them to study next? Are they learning in a helpful sequence? It can be difficult to find the time and energy to decide what to study next! Hindi Gateway does the work of structuring a Hindi course for you! We’ve designed the activities to have something for everyone – so you’ll definitely find language learning methods that suit your child’s learning style. This is a Hindi learning course that will make it easier for you to support your student’s language growth.

Language Learning Methods

Hindi Gateway is a Hindi learning platform for children who are beginning to learn Hindi. It’s based on language learning principles endorsed by linguists around the world as well as a decade of experience with children learning a second language. Our Hindi learning courses are designed to meet the practical demands of everyday communication.

Hindi courses for kid