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Join the thousands of foreign and NRI Hindi students – adults and kids! – who’ve used Hindi Gateway to join the Hindi-speaking community around them with confidence!

Hindi Gateway courses connect you to the Hindi-speaking community all around you!

Understand normal conversations
…because you’re learning words and phrases commonly spoken.

Learn the local, Hindi-speaking culture
…by making cultural learning part of your language classes.

Make every class helpful and interesting
…because your daily lesson plans guide you out into community.

We know you want a Hindi course that allows you to quickly build fluency, allowing you to have conversations with the people around you. Hindi Gateway courses provide day-by-day guidance to get you speaking with and understanding real people. Previously known as OSLS, Hindi Gateway has decades of experience helping ex-pats and NRIs connect to local culture and community through Hindi learning.

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You want to be a confident Hindi speaker who can chat freely with people in your office or neighborhood. But traditional language learning is often frustrating – with slow progress and classroom lessons that are disconnected from the real conversations happening around you. They leave you feeling like maybe you’re just bad at language learning!

We believe that with the right strategies, anyone can learn Hindi and become a confident participant in the local Hindi-speaking culture around them. Everyone at Hindi Gateway was once a language student too – so we understand what support and resources you need to succeed!

First, we make sure you have the right Hindi Gateway course, which includes proven language learning strategies and activities, class resources, personal study ideas, and suggestions for how to take classroom learning out into daily life!

Next, we follow up with training in the language learning principles and strategies that exist in the world of second language acquisition research. This way, you know why you’re doing the things you’re doing in your class and study time!

Lastly, we keep checking in with you about your progress and help you problem-solve at every step of the learning process!

Contact us today to get started connecting to Hindi speakers. Stop wondering if you’re bad at language learning and start speaking confidently to those around you!