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Hindi Language Learning for Kids is designed with fun and friends in mind. Hindi students will benefit from books, videos, games, and project ideas, regardless of their learning style.

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Spoken Hindi classes for Kids

Student Book

Hindi Gateway’s language learning goals are designed to help your student be comfortable in real-life situations.
Each of the ten units contains five lessons around themes like food, family, and common Indian games. Two lessons in each unit help students get new words and sentences from a helpful Hindi-speaking adult while three lessons can be completed independently.

Every unit has games, projects, and videos for listening and speaking practice along with grammar practice and writing assignments. At the end of each unit, students can show off and celebrate what they’ve learned with a video prompt and reflection assignment.

Online Student Gateway

Learn Hindi by using these resources. With the purchase of a Hindi Gateway student book, you receive a six-month subscription to our Student Gateway. On this Hindi learning platform you will find:

Videos: Our presenters help students learn their alphabet, practice answering questions, and review content from each unit. It’s a safe space to improve Hindi listening skills with content you can repeat as many times as needed!

Printable resources: Everything from flashcards for each lesson to extra writing practice sheets and mini pdf books for reading practice!

Bonus lessons: Special lesson for when Diwali is just around the corner or your student just needs some extra time to review after an extended break from the study!

Language Friend

Language is best-learned face-to-face. Two of the five lessons in each unit contain material meant to be done with a “language friend” – a helpful native speaker who lives nearby. Your student’s language friend doesn’t have to be a trained teacher. Just someone your student enjoys spending time with and can follow your lead in sharing the words and sentences presented in that day’s lesson.

Hindi Language Learning for Kids will foster and stimulate children’s confidence to learn the language. In the Student Gateway, we provide ideas on finding and compensating a local language friend and help in communicating with your language friend on how to do each unit’s activities. For people with little or no knowledge of Hindi, we offer a Hindi language course.



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